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About Microsoft Project

MS-Project is recognized standard for medium-performance project management, handles Small-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. Organize projects of Targeted Plan. It also assists Plan Development, Resource Allocation, Progress Tracking & Cost Management.


40 Hours


New project.

Activity in task.


Assigning resources to tasks.

Formatting and sharing your plan.

Tracking the progress.

Advanced task scheduling.

Fine-tuning task details.

Fine-tuning resource and assignment details.

Fine-tuning the Project plan.

Organizing project details.

Tracking progress on tasks and assignments.

Viewing and reporting project status.

Getting your project back on track.

Project cost.

Applying advanced formatting and printing.

Advanced report formatting.

Customizing Project.

Sharing information with other programs

Consolidating projects and resources

Benefits of getting training with CTS

Microsoft course completion certificate.

Training will be provided by Certified Instructors.

Students will be offered with work book

Course Outcome

Creating plans at the Level of detailing’s.

Creating Calendar, Start Date & Scheduling Method.

Create Schedule & Cost forecasts more accurately.

Monitor & Visualize Project performance.

Controlling thresholds to monitor effectively.

Create & manage tasks, costs, Work & resources.

Creating dashboards of the Project.

Plan, Schedule & Control Complex projects.

Formatting Outputs & Report Generation.

Identifying Task Relationship &Integrate multiple Projects.

Certification sample


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