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About Geometrical Dimensions & Tolerances

This book is written primarily for the learner who is new to the subject of Geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T).

The primary purpose of this bookis to teach the graphic language of GD&T in a way that the learner can understandand use it in practical applications.

To facilitate understanding, there is at least onedrawing for each concept discussed. Drawings in this text are for illustrationpurposes only.

In order to avoid confusion, only the concepts being discussed arecompletely tolerance. All of the drawings in this book are dimensioned and tolerancewith the inch system and metric system of measurement because most drawings aredimensioned with this system. You should be skilled at reading engineeringdrawings.


75 Hours


Introduction To Mechanical Drawing

Start Organize & Save Drawing

Control The Drawing Views

Industry Applications Isometric Views

ISO Standard Drawings

Company Template

Use Precision Tools


Assembly Drawing

An introduction to manufacturing methods and technologies, and Surface properties.

An introduction to design drawing, dimensioning, and tolerancing standards.

Datum systems

Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing including:

Background, standards, feature control frames, geometric characteristics, Symbols for boundaries and material conditions, GD&T concepts in details,

Review of GD&T on sample drawings.

Measurement requirement understanding for parts with GD&T information & Tolerancing of flexible parts


Certified instructors

Industry centric curriculum

Students will be offered with work book

Industrial based training

Industrial Certification

Opportunity for internship / placement assistance

Certification Sample


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